Our Marquee enjoyed by the Wedding Reception Party
Our Marquee enjoyed by the Wedding Reception Party
How do you heat the marquee?

During the cooler months thermostat controlled heaters can be used – these heaters are run on diesel and are smoke and odour free. The required temperature of the marquee can be set and when that temperature is reached in the marquee the heater will cut out and then restart when required. (Please see gallery for pictures of heaters)  


Can I decorate the marquee?  

The majority of our customers wish to decorate the marquee themselves with flowers, table and chair decorations – this is fine as long as pins, staples etc are not used to on marquee sides and linings  


When do you set the marquee up?  

This can depend on where the marquee is to be erected and for what the function is – if the customers wishes to decorate the marquee we will ensure it is ready for decoration 48 hours for prior to the event.  


Can the marquee be erected on concrete?  

Yes – the marquee can be made stable by the way of balasting if the option to drill into the concrete is not optional  


Are caterers allowed to use the marquee?  

Yes, this can be done in two ways either an extra bay can be added the end of the marquee of a separate marquee can be set up for the cateres to use, this is normally next to the main marquee.  


What type of marquee do you hire?  

We use the latest in marquee equipment which is a clear span marquee, this gives the benefit of customers being able to use the entire space within the marquee rather than older traditional marquees which have the posts running through the centre of the marquee  


Do I need a power supply?  

This depends on what you are running in the marquee, we can supply a generator from which you can run the electric for the band, caterers and lighting.

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